Tomgirl Baking Company
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Tomgirl Baking Company is featured on PBS's TV show titled "WOW! That's in HB?". This show focuses on local businesses in the Huntington Beach area. Watch Tomgirl Baking Company's television debut now! Participating in the show was a fun and exciting event and we appreciated the opportunity to work with the show's outstanding team! You can also see pictures of the actual shoot on facebook

Wow! That's in HB?

Sharing a love of modern art, Alyssa and Ben were drawn to interesting shapes and patterns when it came time to choose their wedding cake, linens and other design elements. see article and pictures

Grace Ormonde Magazine

Wonyee Tom is one of the five most talked-about pastry chefs in Orange County.

Orange Coast Magazine - July 2011

"I was delighted to learn Tomgirl Baking Company has now opened a retail space." read article

Orange County Register - September 2010

Today custom wedding cake baker Wonyee Tom (Water Grill, Gotham Bar & Grill- NYC) debuted her first retail location for Tomgirl Baking Company. read article

LA Eater - September 2010

Wonyee Tom - 6th Annual "Women in Business" Finalist

HB Magazine - Fall 2009

The list of winners are ... Best Dessert: Tomgirl Baking Company ... "Can I say, Wow ...."   read article

Orange County Register - April 2009

Wonyee Tom, the Water Grill's former pastry chef, uses the best farmers' market products for this cake read article - page 8

Los Angeles Times - May 2008

"Best Dessert" honors were awarded to...Tomgirl Baking Company. For "Best Food Presentation," judges chose...Tomgirl Baking Company...   read article

Orange County Register - April 2007

"Judges voted...Tomgirl Bakery...Best Dessert"   read article

Orange County Register - May 2006

"Pastry chef Wonyee Tom, who left Water Grill in doing custom wedding cakes, birthdays and bridal showers"

Los Angeles Times - April 2005

"Wonyee Tom's refreshing fruit desserts deliver complete satisfaction"

Gourmet Magazine - October 2003

"Pastry Chef Wonyee Tom's desserts are spectacular and irresistable"

Westways Magazine - September/October 2003

"Wonyee Tom's focus of flavors and commmand of technique put her desserts on the highest of levels."

Los Angeles Times - May 2003

"The most innovative of haute ice creams can be found at the Water Grill with Pastry Chef Wonyee Tom."

Los Angeles Times - June 2000

"Wonyee Tom's desserts are exciting and original. They are as appealing to the eye as to the palate."

Los Angeles Times - June 2000

"Pastry Chef Wonyee Tom's desserts are intense, she serves a fabulous chocolate bread pudding and a fine creme brulee."

New York Times - February 1996

"Wonyee Tom is Gotham Bar and Grill's new gifted Pastry Chef."

New York Magazine - January 1995